PU19 Tax Reporter inside

Если вы вдруг окажетесь в США или Канаде, и вам придется настраивать налоговую отчетность, то сразу рекомендую изучить отладчик и эти две программы. Без этого ну никак нельзя понять как оно работает. Это аналог нашего DAQ, который тоже без определенной дозы не всегда можно понять. В Северной Америке законодательство в части налогов по заработной плате очень интересное. Там меньше самих налогов, но гораздо извращеннее их трактование, расчет. Хотя отчетность существенно проще нашей.


* Tax report scheduler(). *
* 1. Two processes in producing tax forms. *
* – process A (read PCL2 and store form fields in PCL4) *
* – process B (read PCL4 and generate SAPscript/HRforms/TEMPSe) *
* 2. The scheduler dictates how the Tax reporter processes are *
* to be split. *
* 3. It also partly serves in translating the user input into *
* program input. *


* RPCTRCU0() To read payroll results and generate Tax reports. Also *
* stores the reported values on the cluster PCL4-U1. *



First, the forms cluster (table PCL4, RELID U1) is filled by program RPCTRCU0. This program extracts data from a number of areas, including:
„« Master Data
„« Results table RT of payroll results cluster PCL2
„« Manual entries from tax interface tables T5UT1 and T5UT2
„« Tables T51R5 and T51R1, which are populated by Third Party Remittance functionality.
Once program RPCTRCU0 has completed processing, the raw data that is to be reported on paper and magnetic media forms is stored in forms cluster PCL4, in an unformatted state. Once all necessary table entries have been created in the forms cluster, program RPCTRCU0 ceases processing and a second program, RPCTRPU0, is run to read these entries. It subsequently formats these entries and generates reporting data in the various media supported by Tax Reporter, both on paper, SAPscript forms, HRFORMULA reports, or simple lists) and magnetic media (TemSe ¡V that is, temporary sequential ¡V files, magnetic tape, and diskette).

In an effort to fill forms cluster PCL4 and produce output in the shortest period possible, Tax Reporter employs the scheduling program RPCTRSU0. Program RPCTRSU0 executes one or more instances of cluster fill program RPCTRCU0 and print program RPCTRPU0 in order to divide the size of the reporting run.